Club Red

The Salsa Dance Floor: Gone But Not Forgotten

Some of you will remember the Salsa Dance Nights and the Swing Dance Nights. For a year and a half, Club Red was home to major crowds of Salsa Dancers on Thursday and Sunday nights. We also hosted Club Red Swing for the Swing Dancers on Wednesday nights. There were plenty of fun nights with over 400 Salsa Dancers at Club Red! We really enjoyed hosting the Salas Dancers (many of whom were taking Salsa Dance classes at ASU) and the Swing Dancers. Both the Swing and Salsa Dancers were a great crowd and a lot of fun. But as our Friday and Saturday night concerts got more and more successful, the wooden dance floor was becoming a problem on concert nights as people were tripping on it.

The decision was made to remove the wooden dance floor to eliminate the trip hazard. Salsa nights and Swing nights were discontinued and we continued to focus more and more on being the best at one thing: live music. We learned that it is hard to be really good at two things.

In our opinion based on our personal experience, you can’t be both a great dance club and a great venue for live music. We choose to be a great venue for live music.

KAIZEN, my friends.