Club Red

Dual Theater Live Music Venue in Mesa, Arizona

Tech Specs

Club Red Stage (Main Room)

Stage : 20′ W x 19′ D x 1′ 11″ H

Max Backdrop Height = 9′ 6″

FOH Console Yamaha PM4000 32 Availale Channels
Monitor Conosle Crest Century LM 31 Available Channels
House Graphic EQ DBX 1231
Monitor Graphic EQ DBX 231 (x4)
Gate/Comp DBX 166XL (FOH x3)
Comp DBX 1046 (FOH)
Comp DBX 160X (FOH x 2)
FOH FX Lexicon MX200
FOH FX Yamaha SPX1000
Main Mid/High EAW LA460 (x4)
Subwoofers JVS Custom Built Subs (x4)
Front Fill JBL JRX100 (x2)
Front Delays Toa HX-5B (x2)
Back Delays Toa HX-5B (x2)
Back Delay Processor Audio Digital ADD-3
Back Delay Crossover DBX 223XL
Back Delay Graphic EQ DBX 231
Front Monitors Yamaha CM15V (x4)
Center/Drum Monitor Yamaha C115V (x2)
Drum Sub JBL SF22SP
Drum Crossover DBX 223XL
Loud Speaker Management Ashly Protea 4.24C

Snake 24×8 FOH, Crest is Split snake with passive splitters on each channel, Aux Masters from Yamaha PM4K also run into Crest to run monitors for openers. These Channels Must Remain. 4 Mixes are constantly set up, expandable up to 6 mixes total with graphic EQs. 7th mix possible with only Parametric EQ

Lighting Information

Lighting Consoles:
PC Based MagicQ software Click Here For FAQ

Downstage Truss:
Blizzard Puck 12A LED (x8) Click Here For Manual

Upstage Truss
Blizzard Puck Pro Zoom LED (X11) Click Here For Manual

Red Owl Stage (Side Room)

Stage : 23′ W x 12′ D x 2′ 3″ H

Max Backdrop Height = 7′ 4″

FOH Console Allen & Heath GL2400 24 Channel
Loud Speaker Management DBX DriveRack
Monitor Graphic EQ DBX 231 (x2)
FOH FX Lexicon MX200
Comp DBX 166XL
Mains QSC HPR153i (x2)
Subwoofers JVS Custom Built Subwoofers (x4)
Monitor JVS Custom Built Monitor
Monitor QSC K12
Monitor Madison M2-15F
Monitor EAW FRZ159

In House Microphones

(4) Shure SM 57 (instrument mic)
(2) Shure SM beta 57 (vox/instrument mic)
(6) Shure SM 58 (vocal mic)
(1) Shure Beta 52 (kick mic)
(1) AKG D112 (kick mic)
(3) Sennheiser e604 (tom/drum/percussion mic)
(1) Audix F12 (tom/drum/percussion mic)
(3) Audix F10 (tom/drum/percussion mic)
(2) MXL 604 small diaphragm condenser (overhead/acoustic inst. mic)
(4) Sterling Audio ST31 small diaphragm condenser (overhead/acoustic inst. mic)
(2) HI G DI Box (Direct Input Signal Converter)
(12) DI Box (Direct Input Signal Converter)