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Club Red PA System Round Four: The story of a Drummer’s Stage Sound

Drummers and Bass Players often comment to us how good it sounds on stage to them. The secret to the great stage sound is a direct result of our messing up on our first go round with subwoofers! As you know if you read the Story of Subs, we started off with two EAW SB600z subwoofers. The EAWs were great subs, but they just weren’t powerful enough for us to host major Reggae, Hip-Hop or Electronica acts.

So after we had the new JBS subs custom built and installed we had these killer EAW SB600z subs just lying around doing nothing.

We thought about selling them.

But Patrick Driscoll, our lead audio engineer here at Club Red, had a wild idea he wanted to try out. He placed the EAW Subwoofers on the right side of the drum riser and pointed them at the Drummer (also pointed at where Bass Players usually set up, just to the left of the Drummer) and then tossed a full range speaker on top.

Wow, what a difference in stage sound for the Bass Guitarist and the Drummer. Suddenly we had a ton of low end, really giving both the Drummer and Bass Player awesome stage sound. What a grand idea!

Details matter in this world, this important little detail is all credit to Patrick…what a great brainstorm. Over time we switched to different subs, but the general innovation of having a drum sub as part of our stage sound mix for Drummers, Bass Players, DJs and other artists that need a lot of low end is alive and well at Club Red.

KAIZEN, my friends.