Club Red

Red Owl: The Story of the New Red Owl Stage

With all the improvements to the Club Red side to accommodate more and more major national acts, the Red Owl side had not been getting enough love. Quite frankly, our original stage was looking small and shabby. Time to upgrade and bring Kaizen to the Red Owl.

First step was tearing out the commercial kitchen on the Red Owl side. A Sports Bar needs a kitchen, but a Live Music Venue doesn’t. Taking out the kitchen gave us the room to expand the stage.

We raised and extended the Red Owl stage and build a TV Box with the giant Toshiba Big Screen. We added a sweet little Green Room area backstage and brought over the 24 channel Allen & Heath from the Club Red side.

We also removed the garage style corrugated tin cover over the bar (it was breaking up the sound waves on the Red Owl side) and upgraded the stage lights.

And we added the 24 Allen & Heath board to run the shows.

Suddenly the Red Owl side sounded great and looked great. That stage was kicking butt. Check it out, if you haven’t seen it for a while, you gonna love what you see.

KAIZEN, my friends.