Club Red

Live Show Recordings

Both Club Red Sound Director, Patrick Driscoll and Lead Sound Engineer, Paul Benson are highly qualified in the mixing room. Both Patrick and Paul are happy to record your show live. Either can then give you a raw mix for you to mix down or he can do it for you.

Here is the current fee schedule:
$45 for a rough cut, direct from the board (8 track rough mix, no mastering)
$75 for 8-16 separate tracks on a data dvd (WAV 24bit 44.1kHz)
$100 for 8-16 track recording mixed down by Patrick Driscoll into a high quality left-right mix suitable for sale as a “Live from Club Red” recording. Includes light mastering.
Any additional overdubs, remixes, additional editing, sound replacing or similar is charged at a rate of $25/hr

Contact Patrick at (480) 304-2464
Contact Paul at (602) 990-0930