Club Red

In the Beginning, Building a Big Stage

We are often asked about how Club Red got started as a live music venue and how it has grown to be a major force in the Arizona live music scene. In a very real sense it all began with building a BIG STAGE.

The Red Owl was a typical sports bar that did live music on Friday and Saturday nights. We really enjoyed the live music part of the business and had built a small stage there to host bands. Little did we know that over time, that the live music we started doing on Friday and Saturday nights would become the whole business! The business next door, Prize Pizza, had gone under and the space was available. Red Owl took over the space to build out as a concert room for major national acts. And the first step was to build a BIG STAGE.

Building the Club Red stage was the first step of many. The Club Red stage is heavily reinforced and is built significantly over code requirements. This stage is strong!

The stage is 30 by 15 and the entire stage is stuffed with insulation which prevents the stage from acting as a giant drum which can cross contaminate the stage sound and front fill sound. It costs extra to insulation the area under a stage, but it makes for better sound in the long run.

KAIZEN, my friends.