Club Red

Computerizing the Light Show: Another Step Forward

For a long time, we ran our Club Red lights on standard mixing boards. We had been shopping for a better way to go for some time and settled on the Chamsys MagicQ software, paired up with a high end touchscreen All-In-One computer by Dell. The combination allows Front of House to program the light show in ways that we never had before.

We looked at a lot of lighting systems before settling on the MagicQ software package. We narrowed down to three great products Wholehog from High End Systems, MagicQ from Chamsys and grandMA by MA Lighting (all great products) but in the end we just felt the MagicQ was the best fit for our needs. It’s a very powerful and flexible software package with available consoles and/or wings if we need them down the line and we are enjoying the way it steps our light show up to the next level.

KAIZEN, my friends.