Club Red

Club Red PA System Round Two: The story of Subs

We started life with two EAW SB600z Subwoofers. Our first shows with national acts that played rock went just fine, the EAW Subs provided excellent low end for those first nationals. Then we agreed to host a touring Reggae act. We were asked about our Subwoofers and how much low end could we provide.

In our happy ignorance, we said we had plenty. Day of show and we learned the hard way that we didn’t have near enough low end for a Reggae show!  That sweet deep Jamaican sound uses a lot more low end than we were ready for.

We were determined to make sure we had a ton of low end for our next Reggae show and we commissioned custom subwoofers that run from one of the Club Red stage to the other from JVS Audio, a local custom sub builder.

JVS even built the subs so strong that the bands can use the subwoofers as an extended part of the stage for us. We were so pleased with the high quality and deep, rich sound of the JVS subwoofers that we had them built us another set of subs for the Red Owl stage.

JVS did a great job for us and we have booked tons of reggae, hip-hop, drum n bass, and electronica – all genres that need a lot of deep, low end sound. And Club Red delivers great low end sound, thanks to JVS Audio in Mesa. Thanks, guys!

KAIZEN, my friends.

JVUS T3621 Bent Horn Subwoofers:

Six JVS Audio T3621 Bent Horn Subs: The T3621 single 15-in bass horn contains bass horn technology that was developed for applications requiring extended deep bass response without distortion. It loads a powerful proprietary long excursion woofer on an 11.5 ft. bent bass horn to provide very high output sub bass response in a compact enclosure. Frequency Response (1W @ 1m) ±3 dB – 38 Hz to 200 Hz (-10 dB – 28 Hz); Impedance – 8 Ohms; Power Handling, AES Standard (Watts) – 700 RMS; Maximum Output (dB SPL) Peak – 140.0 Long Term – 134.0: Nominal Coverage Angle/-6 dB points (degrees) – Horizontal 180 Vertical 180: Recommended High-Pass Frequency – 24 dB/Octave 38; 15-in woofer, bent bass horn, Cabinet Baltic birch plywood. Designed by world famous loudspeaker designer William Fitzmaurice, manufactured under license by JVS Audio Mfg