Club Red

Club Red PA System Round Twelve: Tuning the Room, Kurt Springer

When one of the finest audio engineers in the country offers to spend a day tuning your room, to iron out even the smallest kinks, a wise man jumps up and says “Thank You Very Much!”.

Kurt Springer is one of the finest sound engineers in the country. He has run live sound at Front of House or on the Monitor Board for artists such as Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Kansas, Styx, Foreigner, Lady Antebellum, Brooks & Dunn, Don Henley, Boz Scaggs, and The Go-Gos.

He is also featured in the book “Crank it Up: Secrets of the Top Tour Engineers”.

Ok forget the big resume and the book credentials; the man has a magic ear. We have seen him walk around the room, listening intently and lost in thought. Then he gets up and adjusts the placement of the Mains by about 2 inches and the whole room sounds better. We have no clue how he does it, but we know it works.

When a band sounds awesome on stage, spare a kind thought for Kurt Springer, the man with the magic ear who made a bunch of tiny adjustments that make a massive difference.

This blog entry is nothing more than thanks to Kurt Springer for donating his time and expertise. Thank you man, we love ya…the Newcastles are always on the house whenever you want to stop in for a cold one.

KAIZEN, my friends.