Club Red

Club Red PA System Round Ten: Less Bleed Through and the Roll-Up Door

If you know Club Red, you have been to one of our signature Festival Style shows where we have bands playing on both sides and you can wander back and forth all night long. If you don’t like the band on the Club Red stage, wait a few minutes and check out the band just now firing up on the Red Owl stage. When they finish their set another band is set up and playing on the Club Red stage.

We have never had much sound bleed between the two sides, mostly because of the happy accident that the venue is built in the shape of an “L” with the stages at opposite ends of the “L”. Sound waves don’t like going around corners, so that has never been a big issue.

But not so long ago, we installed a new Roll-Up Door between Club Red and Red Owl. We placed the new door between the two sides closer to the center of the “L” than the old door mostly to improve customer flow between the two sides.

The new location of the door had the happy side-effect of reducing bleed through sound to almost zero. If you stand right in the Roll-Up Door you can hear the bands from both sides. But even trained audio engineers have a hard time hearing any bleed through anywhere else in the venue.

KAIZEN, my friends.