Club Red

Club Red PA System Round Seven: The Story of Neighbors

Ok, our new PA system for Club Red was up and running. And we have plenty of sound inside the venue for bands and their fans. But after our first few shows we started getting calls from unhappy neighbors. At first, we couldn’t figure it out…we have thick concrete block walls between Club Red and our residential neighbors to the South.

But we soon realized what was happening: we were loading bands in and out through the alley. And every time we would open the alley door, a loud blast of sound would come out through the open door…that’s what was causing the problems!

We don’t want unhappy neighbors, that’s not good for business. We started having most bands load in and out on the front side of the club so we don’t blast our neighbors behind us with too much sound! When we do need to use the alley door, we wait until the band on stage is finished with their set and then make sure that the house music is turned down low while we load in from the alley side.

A little bit of extra effort by our bands and staff makes for much happier neighbors.

KAIZEN, my friends.