Club Red

Club Red PA System Round One: Choosing the EAW Mains

As the stage was being built, the first big decision for the PA was choosing the right mains. We contacted EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works), long known for being the gold standard for touring acts and specified in more major artist rider clauses than any other brand of speaker. EAW engineers specifically recommended the EAW LA 460 series for Club Red. The LA 460 series have plenty of power for a room the size of Club Red and are known for their exceptional clarity. They are also ideal for long narrow rooms and they are designed to “acoustically couple”. 4 EAW LA 460 (2 on each side) were purchased and installed, 2 on each side. If you look closely, you can see them perched up on the top of the TV Boxes on each side of the Club Red stage.

They have been the workhorses of the Club Red PA system and they do a fabulous job of filling Club Red with a full, rich sound for all genres of music: everything from Classic Rock to Reggae, from Punk to Metal, from Hip-Hop to Pop.

Thanks EAW, for steering us right on the perfect speakers for Club Red.

KAIZEN, my friends.

EAW LA460 Main Speakers:

The EAW LA460 (3-way, passive or biamp) full-range loudspeaker brings EAW’s renowned Virtual Array Technology to venue performance in both portable and install applications. With mathematically correct midrange flare, pattern control is maximized throughout the vocal region providing exceptional speech intelligibility in a compact enclosure. Operating Range: 62 Hz to 20 kHz; Beamwidth: 60° (h) x 45° (v); Power Output PASSIVE: 500W (8 ohms) – 124dB SPL (long term); Power Output BI-AMPED: (LF/MF) 500W (8 ohms) – 124dB SPL; (HF) 150W (8 ohms) – 130dB SPL