Club Red

Renting The Venue

We have two venues, so rates depend on which side you want, what night of the week it is and age groups. Here is the breakdown as well as the guidelines for renting one of our venues.

Club Red has two theaters:
West Theater ( 300 Capacity )
East Theater ( 700 Capacity )
Both Rooms Together ( 1000 Capacity )

To book an event with us you must coordinate a date with our booking staff and sign a rental contract. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due when you book the date.

The payment is to be made in cash or we can accept a Paypal.

The date in question is not yours UNTIL the deposit is paid. The other 50% is due no later than 1 hour before doors. If we do not get the last half, the doors don’t open. We must insure we have the money to pay our staff that night, so we don’t gamble on waiting till the end of the night or for any amount of people to show up.

Our rental rates cover the costs of sound, lights, access to our microphones and equipment, production personnel, bar staff and security staff. You pay the rent to us to cover those costs, and keep 100% of the door and ticketing money.

Club Red does not offer percentages or payouts from the bar.

Potential Extra Costs


– All tickets MUST be sold via or at our designated outlets. Third party ticketing is not accepted.

If you need tickets to sell ahead of time for your events we print them in house (at a cost much cheaper then ordering tickets from printing companies). Tickets can’t be printed until the event is on the website to insure all the details are covered.

VIP / Upgraded ticketing being sold via artists, labels or any other source will need to be approved by venue management and accounted for in regards to the capacity. Ticket fees will be owed to the venue from the renter for those tickets as well.

Soundguy / DJ

– If your artist does not have their own DJ or way to play music and are counting on the Sound personnel to do it, the promoter owes that sound person $75 for the extra work to be paid at the beginning of the event. Any performer that has an unruly attitude and / or says anything negative about the sound personnel based on things that are not within their control (skipping CDs, wrong track order, etc.) that performer will be ejected.

Backline Fee

– If you need to use our drums, bass guitar amps / heads or guitar amps there is a fee that covers upkeep, tuning and installation of that gear.

Furniture Arrangement

– If the event needs all the furniture to be removed from the venue or if we need to accommodate for seated events there is a set up fee for the extra staff / time. This fee does not cover any rental or supplemental furnishings for the event, as that is the responsibility of the promoter.

High Risk Events

– For events we deem as high risk due to nature of the crowd anticipated, we work with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to provide extra security. On risky events we will be having off duty officers in full uniform on the property, to be paid for by the promoter. The promoter will always know in advance and will need to pay in cash for their services no later than 1 hour before doors open.

Terms & Conditions

As we do welcome new business, we also have to maintain a safe, secure and professional environment for any live event. Club Red reserves the right to refuse rentals based on these and any other factors where safety or professionalism is not upheld.

Club Red reserves the right to deny entire events or particular members per event including, but not limited to entertainers, staff, promotion team, production members or any other person or persons affiliated with the event.

We do not have a VIP or restricted area. Club Red and Red Owl both have open floor plans. Other than reserving a maximum of a few tables, we can not facilitate extra security or furniture for this purpose. There is no wait staff, so bottle service is not an option at our venue.

During All Ages events there is to be NO liquor on stage, back stage, or at ANY location other than the designated drinking areas. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be ejected from the property immediately and any fines or damages accrued by this action will be a 100% financial responsibility of the renter / promoter. This also holds true for any minors drinking on the property (who will be arrested). We have zero tolerance drug policy as well. Anyone caught doing any drugs on our property will be ejected / arrested.

The Renter responsible for 100% of the costs of any damages or repairs to venue, audience or personnel resulting from artists and audience attending event.

If you would like to inquire about renting either or both Club Red / Red Owl for your event, and understand the terms listed above, you may do so with this contact form.

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By checking this box you are expressing that you understand that this IS NOT a contract or agreement of any sort. This is an introduction from you to the venue. We will take this information and decide whether we can book your show based on several factors, including but not limited to; Date Availability, Age Group, Security Risks, Promoter's Precious Show Experience etc.

By checking this box you are expressing that you understand that Club Red / Red Owl values safety for our customers / venue and staff over anything else, and should the staff, management, owners, or any outside law enforcement official determine that the event being submitted is a risk for whatever reason, we reserve the right to pass on the event.